The Firm

The Blanch Law Firm is a top-rated criminal defense firm that applies an old-fashioned strategy to today’s complex crimes: hard work and preparation achieves results. The firm’s lawyers live with each client and each case. They are dedicated to achieving results even in the most high-profile defenses, from matters of white-collar crime, to drug charges and violent crimes. With experience representing many large companies and powerful individuals, including pharmaceutical companies, airlines and attorneys at top ranking law firms, the firm’s success is truly evidence that hard work pays off. BLF’s unique strategy for winning criminal cases was founded on two fundamental that guide our legal team’s efforts in every case we take:

Talent alone is not enough to win cases. After talent, winning and losing in criminal defense comes down to time. Even the most experienced criminal trial attorney will fail unless he or she can devote sufficient time to the client’s defense. The hardest working criminal lawyer can devote only a certain number of hours to their practice each year. By taking on a limited number of criminal defense cases each year, the firm ensures its attorneys’ ability to put their all into defending the criminally accused.

Having time means having resources. Even the most effective criminal defense attorney needs resources. The firm’s case management and collaborative work sharing system allows all of the lawyers to operate as one, seamlessly. Our investigative team is proactive and thorough in conducting factual investigations, to enable the lawyers to build strong defenses for trial. BLF’s commitment of resources to your criminal defense enables us to level the playing field with the state when it seeks a conviction on criminal claims charges.