• Sumeet Sondhi

    Author : January 31, 2014

    Sumeet Sondhi

    Sumeet Sondhi is counsel to the The Blanch Law Firm. Mr. Sondhi has worked in conjunction with Ryan Blanch on a myriad of matters, ranging from government investigations to white collar and antitrust crimes, his specialties being real estate fraud and complex mortgage fraud matters. Mr. Sondhi’s extensive knowledge and experience has resulted in a number of favorable outcomes for the firm’s clients. He has represented clients and companies charged with an array of white collar crimes, including: Price Fixing: Represented a billion dollar air cargo company in a DOJ industry-wide criminal antitrust investigation regarding alleged price fixing Tax Evasion: Represented a Partner in a corporate restructuring company charged with evading state and federal taxes exceeding $10 million Human Trafficking: Represented an internet marketing company charged with conspiracy and human trafficking Racketeering: Represented individuals in the Federal criminal investigation alleging Governor Elliot Spitzer’s association with a prostitution ring known as Emperor’s Club VIP Smuggling: Represented individual charged with respect to an international car smuggling ring Organized Crime: Represented Healthcare Clinic owners charged with organized crime, money laundering and insurance fraud Drug Charge: Represented a prominent charged with unlawfully prescribing large amounts of oxycodone Human Trafficking: Represented a wealthy business owner charged with human trafficking In addition to representing clients with respect to investigations and criminal matters as ‘Of Counsel” to The Blanch Law Firm, Mr. Sondhi provides comprehensive legal and advisory services to a diverse range of corporate and individual clientele with respect to business transactions, including the acquisition and sale of commercial real estate.