RICO / Racketeering

The Blanch Law Firm is one of New York’s preeminent legal defense firms for defending RICO/Racketeering charges and accusations. Our RICO attorneys have years of experience dealing with government investigations, criminal accusations, RICO laws and more. The Blanch Law Firm’s aggressive white collar defense techniques have been successful in defending clients in all manner of criminal and white collar trials. Our skilled defense attorneys combine an unparalleled knowledge of the law with an unmatched devotion to our clients’ freedom. The Blanch Law Firms is a recognized leader in the representation of corporations, boards of directors, management and other individuals in connection with a broad range of RICO investigations, government enforcement actions, internal investigations, and white collar criminal investigations and litigation. Currently, The Blanch Law Firm represents two multi-billion dollar companies in criminal and quasi-criminal litigation, which are unrelated cases, involving allegations of international anti-trust violations in one and cross-border corporate wrongdoing allegations in another. The firm regularly works with such high-profile and multinational clients, because we are one of the most dependable and trustworthy white collar law firms. The Blanch Law Firm has a long track record of keeping clients out of prison and free from fines. We have represented high-profile individuals as well as other professionals in RICO and racketeering trials throughout New York and the country.