Enterprise Corruption

The Blanch Law Firm is one of New York’s premier enterprise corruption defense firms. Our attorneys bring an unmatched ability to defend clients facing enterprise corruption, because many of them worked in various district attorneys’ s prosecuting such crimes. The Blanch Law Firm is a recognized leader in the industry and has represented some of America’s top companies in enterprise corruption trials. Any individual or organization facing charges of enterprise corruption is facing a massive government investigation as well as a prolonged trial and serious criminal and civil consequences. Being investigated and/or prosecuted under New York’s RICO statute could be severely damaging to the people and the business involved. It is a class B felony and anyone convicted faces heavy fines and up to 25 years imprisonment. This does not include what can happen to the business during the investigation. Financial assets can be seized and all financial activities may be suspended for the duration of the trial. It is imperative to have a white collar defense attorney that can successfully defend against charges of enterprise corruption.