The pressures of today’s business world force businesspeople to continually change and evolve to succeed. Business models become more complex on almost a daily basis. In the process, good people are often given easy opportunities to misuse employer funds. Also in the process, people can be wrongly accused of embezzlement or theft from their employers.
When you face embezzlement charges, or are being investigated, it is important to work with a top-flight white collar criminal defense attorney to ensure the best possible outcome of your case. Contact the Manhattan of the Blanch Law Firm. The firm focuses on White Collar Criminal Defense matters and has achieved a proven record of success, including dismissals of many serious claims charges.
The Blanch Law Firm handles a full range of charges related to embezzlement, from minor allegations that involve only a small quantity of company assets, to large sums and sophisticated schemes:
Spending from client funds or accounts
Altering receipts or account information
Underreporting profits
Billing from a false vendor account
Creation of phantom employees