Ebay Fraud

As Internet and computer fraud increased over the years, law enforcement agencies became more intent on heavily prosecuting those accused of committing such crimes. Federal agencies, corporate Internet agencies and various state task forces have come down hard on people committing such crimes as eBay fraud and online auction fraud. Attorneys at The Blanch Law Firm have been defending individuals since online auctioneering became a popular form of ecommerce, and they have years of experience with the law and how different agencies prosecute this type of Internet Fraud. Devising an effective defense in an eBay or online auction fraud case takes a uniquely sophisticated trial attorney who is willing to go the extra mile in order to properly serve his client. Online auctions sites such as eBay (the top online auction site) create unique legal situations, and so attorneys who defend those accused of eBay fraud must have a keen sense of the law and the issues surrounding Internet law.