Computer & Internet Crimes

With the increased use of the Internet, the government continues to devote more and more resources to prosecuting individuals and businesses charged with computer crimes. So, when you are facing an Government Investigation or formal charges, it is important to seek assistance from lawyers with the resources to fight back. Located in New York City, The Blanch Law Firm is equipped for the challenge. The BLF focuses on white collar defense of a wide range of computer crimes and related Internet crime allegations:
Internet Fraud
Computer fraud
eBay Fraud Charges
419 Scams
Hacking / illegal access to computer systems
Illegal file-sharing or downloading
Identity theft charges
Computer sex crimes / child pornography
The Blanch Law Firm chooses Internet crime cases selectively so lawyers at the firm have the time to give your case the attention it deserves. During the investigatory and defense process, your BLF defense team works hard with single-minded devotion to your case. This devotion to excellence and client service maximizes your chances of resolving the case or investigation on favorable terms.