White Collar Crime Lawyers & Criminal Defense Attorneys

Our white collar criminal attorneys and criminal defense lawyers have a well-established record of successfully defending white collar criminal cases and government investigations with top-rated NYC criminal defense attorneys and white collar criminal lawyers. The firm understands every criminal case is unique in white collar defense. Our attorneys have the skills that can make a difference, whether defending white-collar crime charges, government investigations, fraud charges, corporate litigation or violent crime allegations.

The firm’s attorneys focus exclusively on two things: (1) obtaining dismissals of criminal charges and claims in the early stages of a criminal case or investigation and (2) winning cases at trial. This defense model differs from many law firms because our firm accepts a select number of cases each year and dedicates to each of them a cohesive team of lawyers, investigators and outside experts. The team is led by the firm’s principal and managing partner, Ryan Blanch, who founded the firm with the goal of attaining excellence in the field of criminal defense. This is a full service criminal defense firm, focusing on white-collar offenses but with the ability to defend clients against all types of criminal claims charges.

Types of White Collar Crimes & Charges We Defend

The firm’s core practice areas defend white collar crimes and claims charges. These range from both criminal antitrust litigation to bribery defense, extortion, and blackmail defense. The firm also has experience in defending import/export crimes.

The firm advises and defends clients doing business worldwide, under compliance policies such as the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), as well as defending against government investigations, enterprise corruption charges, RICO/racketeering investigations, falsifying business records charges,  false advertising, short selling, and environmental crime claims charges. Our commercial litigation criminal lawyers & defense attorneys also defend clients facing: commercial litigation, trade regulation, asset forfeiture, bankruptcy litigation, breach of fiduciary duty, business torts, commercial fraud, contract interference, employment law, intellectual property infringement, securities arbitration, and UCC claims claims charges.

Computer & Internet Crimes, also known as cyber crimes, encompasses it’s own practice.  These charges include but are Sildenafil citrate 100mg when to take. not limited to, Internet fraud, computer fraud, eBay fraud Charges, 419 or “Nigerian Letter” scams, hacking/ illegal access to computer systems and identity theft claims charges. Our white collar criminal lawyers & defense attorneys also defend those prosecuted under the Counterfeit Access Device and Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1984 (CFAA).

Fraud defense is a significant area of the firm. Our white collar criminal lawyers and attorneys defend clients facing bankruptcy fraud, mail fraud, wire fraud, prescription fraud, social security benefits fraud, and telemarketing fraud.

Our white collar criminal attorneys also defend clients facing fraud charges in the financial world as well. These include accounting fraud, appraisal fraud,  bank fraud, brokerage fraud, fraudulent mortgage loans, hedge fund fraud, investment fraud, mortgage fraud, occupancy fraud, shareholder fraud, stock fraud, and tax fraud.  The firm’s financial crimes lawyers & attorneys also defend clients facing other financial charges including: counterfeiting & forgery, embezzlement, equity skimming, front-running, grand larceny, insider trading, market manipulation, money laundering, The firm also has a separate arm specifically for securities crimes.

The Healthcare & Insurance Crimes division focuses on defending healthcare & insurance fraud,  Medicare fraud,  Medicaid fraud, and pharmaceutical crimes in it’s core practice. Healthcare & pharmaceutical antitrust litigation, AWP inflation charges,  & pharmaceutical kickbacks round out the charges our white collar criminal lawyers & defense attorneys most often represent.

Lastly, our Securities Crimes division handles all FINRA, SEC, and securities crimes. The Firm’s top-rated white collar criminal lawyers & defense attorneys has a long history of successfully defending clients accused of various securities crimes, handling all types of security crime cases. These include breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty, to account churning, excessive use of Leverage & Margin, and failure to execute trades. The FINRA arbitration and litigation wing of the firm handles all FINRA-related securities crimes. We also defend mutual fund fraud, misrepresentation, and unauthorized trading. The final branch of the Securities Crimes division involves Securities Litigation & Arbitration, Securities negligence, and Securities Industry Regulatory Defense.

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Winning Criminal Cases Requires a Winning Trial Strategy

When it comes to criminal defense, the best defense truly is a strong offense. While many criminal cases are resolved before trial, in either a dismissal or favorable plea settlement, it is fundamental that every case be treated from the outset as a case that will go to trial. Rather than negotiate plea deals with prosecutors, our lawyers & attorneys have found that diligent and aggressive preparation for trial means a higher probability of securing dismissals or plea deals that do not require prison time.

Whether we go to trial with you or accept a plea on your behalf, it is your decision —every time. This means two things. First: your criminal defense lawyers must be prepared for trial. This enables them to advise you on your chances of winning at trial because they are prepared. Second: your lawyer must know what the best possible plea deal is in your case so they can help you pursue it. Trial preparation is everything. All of our actions are calculated from and flow from this fundamental precept.

Mortgage Fraud,  Insurance Fraud, Wire Fraud,  Mail Fraud, Tax Fraud, and Medicaid Fraud Attorneys

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